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  • NOTES: Raspberry, clementine, juicy and floral

  • PRODUCER: Various Smallholders 


  • ORIGIN: Uraga, Guji 


  • ALTITUDE: 2100 M.A.S.L. 


  • LATITUDE: 6° 16'N 

  • VARIETY: Indigenous Varieties 

  • PROCESS: Washed 

The Story

This delicious coffee comes from the Butucha washing station in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Butucha buys and processes the coffee cherries of 1500 nearby smallholder farmers. The district of Yirgacheffe has long been a renowned area of coffee production. This microregion has many old trees of heirloom varieties. The varieties which are unique to Yirgacheffe produce a recognizable and delicious flavor profile. These coffees typically have a light body, pointed citric acidity and prominent floral notes.


Alemayehu Tilahun owns and operates the Butucha washing station and it is named after his grandfather. Ripe coffee cherries are delivered to the station within 8 hours of picking. At the station, the coffee is depulped and soaked for 36-48 hours in water. Coffee is then washed in fresh water from the Moto river and dried on raised beds under shade.


This coffee is light in body, with notes of fresh fruit and soft and delicate florals. We love the fruit forward, juicy profile. This is a bright, intense and memorable coffee. Enjoy! 

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