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Finca El Limonar

  • NOTES:  Milk chocolate, nougat, honeycrisp apple, cranberry silky, sweet and balanced.

  • PRODUCER: Rosa Maria Ovalle

  • TOWN: La Libertad


  • DEPARTMENT: Huehuetenango

  • ALTITUDE: 1700 M.A.S.L.

  • LATITUDE: 15° 51'N

  • VARIETY: Villa Sarchi

  • PROCESS: Washed

The Story

This is our third year working with Finca El Limonar in La Libertad, Huehuetenango Guatemala. The farm is found high up in the rugged mountains in a micro-climate well suited for the pro­duction of specialty coffee. Farms from this small area have produced coffee for generations and have become famous as they continue to win national and international awards. El Limonar is no exception and has won awards in multiple competitions.

Finca El Limonar produces coffee as well as citrus and macadamia which create shade for the coffee. The farm's mill purifies wastewater and uses spent coffee cherries as fertilizer. Weeding is done by hand. The farm has both a natural spring and river and a quarter of its area is a registered nature reserve.

This lot of coffee is a Villa Sarchi variety selection. Villa Sarchi is a natural dwarf mutation of the famous 'Bourbon' coffee variety. The variety, micro-climate and the 'hand of the producer' come together to give us a delicious coffee that we have fallen in love with over the last few years. This is a wonderfully balanced and rich coffee and we are proud to share it with you!

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