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Cuisinart Brewing Directions


· 1x Cuisinart DCC-1200 with 12 cup Carafe
· 1x Panther Coffee Pre-ground Coffee Pouch
· Water (10 cups)


Step 1

Set Coffee Maker to “Brew” and Carafe Temperature to “Medium” using front knobs - DO NOT TURN ON BREWER YET

Step 4

Place empty carafe on heat element in the brewer

Step 7

Close lid

Step 10

Remove carafe and pour yourself a cup of delicious Panther Coffee!

Step 2

Fill Carafe to “10” cups indication line with water

Step 5

Tear open pouch and dispense coffee into the filter atop the brewer

Step 8

Turn on brewer (brewing time should be approx. 9-10 minutes)

Step 3

Open Brewer lid and pour water from carafe into reservoir

Step 6

Shake filter to level out the grounds

Step 9

After brewing finishes, keep brewer on to keep heating element warm


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