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Fazenda Esperança

  • NOTES: Deep chocolate hazelnut, neutral very sweet & creamy

  • PRODUCER: Bruno Souza

  • ALTITUDE: 1230 MASL  

  • COMMUNITY: Campos Altos


  • STATE: Minas Gerais


  • ​LATITUDE: 19° 69'S

  • VARIETY: Bourbon, Yellow Catuaí


  • PROCESS: Pulped Natural, Natural

The Story

Fazenda Esperança is located in the small town of Campos Altos, Minas Gerais. It has produced coffee since the 1860’s and has been in the Souza family since 1969 with Bruno and his family running the farm now. Fazenda Esperança lies within the Cerrado Mineiro region of Minas Gerais. Cerrado Mineiro is an arid high plateau. The unique geography and weather patterns of this region have a large impact on the coffee produced. At their best, coffees from Cerrado Mineiro are full of body and sweetness with very low acidity, prominent notes of chocolate and a mineralic nuance.

Panther Coffee green coffee buyer Joel Pollock first visited the farm in 2004 and has had a long relationship with Bruno and the Souza family. Bruno is a force of nature, a huge personality and an authority on Brasilian specialty coffee. His impact on the farm is evident in the awards received and, for us, in the cup of coffee.

This lot is composed of Bourbon and Yellow Catuaí varietals processed in both the natural and pulped natural methods. It is sweet and intense. With a neutral acidity and huge body and sweetness. We love its warm round notes of chocolate and dried cherry. Please enjoy Fazenda Esperança!