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Fazenda Furnas

  • NOTES: Chocolate éclair, hazelnut, sweet, creamy, and round

  • PRODUCER: Rinaldo de Castro Junqueira

  • COMMUNITY: Pedralva

  • STATE: Minas Gerais

  • ALTITUDE: 1350 M.A.S.L.

  • LATITUDE: 22° 25'S

  • VARIETY: Yellow Bourbon

  • PROCESS: Pulped Natural

The Story

Rinaldo de Castro Junqueira is a fourth generation coffee farmer from Carmo de Minas, Brasil. In the 90’s Rinaldo left a promising career in engineering to be closer to his family and help manage the his father’s coffee farm. Local producers were taking the first steps towards specialty coffee production at this time. Seeing the potential in selling to the specialty rather than commodity market, Rinaldo and his father chose to sell their family farm and bought 100 year old Fazenda Furnas. They realized that to succeed in the specialty coffee market their coffee had to be among the very best and saw that Fazenda Furnas had the elevation, micro-climate and soil quality necessary to produce great coffee.

Rinaldo soon found success, placing in multiple national coffee competitions and becoming president of COCARIVE, a coffee growers association. The legacy of more than twenty years of focus on quality and experimentation can be found not just at Fazenda Furnas but at farms around the region where production practices have been informed by Rinaldo’s work.

We enjoy the prominent notes of chocolate and hazelnut and the delicate sugary aftertaste of this delicious coffee. Enjoy Fazenda Furnas!