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Finca Agroambiental

  • NOTES: Cherry pie, lime, starfruit, panela, silky mouthfeel, clean finish

  • PRODUCER: Astrid Tatiana Dorado Pajoy 

  • ORIGIN: Verda El Carmen, Sotará 

  • DEPARTMENT: Cauca 

  • ALTITUDE: 1850 M.A.S.L. 

  • LATITUDE: 2° 28'N

  • VARIETY: Castillo

  • PROCESS: Washed 

The Story

Astrid Dorado is a third generation coffee producer and has grown coffee at Finca Agroambiental since 2004. As well as producing coffee, Astrid leads the Association of Women Agricultural Producers of Sotará, which is a part of a larger national association of women producers. Astrid’s association hopes to empower women to find succesful careers in specialty coffee production and works in education, marketing and unionizing.


Panther coffee started working with Astrid at a coffee competition and auction in Timbio in 2018. After her coffee qualified for the auction, Astrid was asked what her life was like as a coffee producer in the department of Cauca. “Well, I wake up, I take care of my kids, I take care of my husband, I take care of the house, I take care of the animals, then I take care of the coffee.” Panther Coffee green coffee buyer Joel Pollock continues to be impressed with Astrid’s coffee and her spirit.


This year’s harvest is as delicious as ever; vibrant and juicy with prominent fruit notes. We are happy to share with you Finca Agroambiental!

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