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GUATEMALA, Central America

  • TASTING NOTES: Milk chocolate apricot, plum, honey sweet, silky and round

PRODUCER: Rosa Maria Ovalle

TOWN: La Libertad

DEPARTMENT: Huehuetenango


LATITUDE: 15° 51'N

VARIETY: Villa Sarchi



Finca El Limonar produces specialty coffee in La Libertad, Huehuetenango Guatemala. This is a mountainous region with many distinct microclimates and corresponding profiles. El Limonar is located between two notable Guatemalan coffee farms; Finca lnjerto and Finca La Balsa. Coffees from this small area have often won awards as some of the best coffees Guatemala has to offer. El Limonar is no exception, recently winning 7th place in the national Cup of Excellence competition. The farm is extensively planted with shade trees, has both a natural spring and river and 25% of the land is a registered nature reserve. Fin ca El Limonar has been owned and operated by the Ovalle's since 1986 and coffee has been grown here since 195S. Today the Ovalles produce macadamia and citrus alongside coffee.

This lot of coffee comes from the top of the farm at 1700 MASL and is composed of the Villa Sarchi variety of coffee. Both the varietal and the environment contribute to the exceptional sweetness found in this coffee and the high elevation contributes to acidity and nuanced complexity. This is a wonderfully balanced coffee, with body, sweetness and acidity combining to create a cup of coffee greater than the sum of those parts.

This coffee is carefully hand picked, washed and dried on the farm. We are pleased to share this exceptionally rich, balanced and comforting coffee with you. 

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