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Finca La Amistad

  • NOTES: Caramel and brown sugar peach, baking spices. Sparkling, silky and sweet.

  • PRODUCER: Francisco Javier Valle Garcia

  • COMMUNITY: Las Cuchillas

  • DEPARTMENT: Jinotega

  • ALTITUDE: 1200 M.A.S.L.

  • LATITUDE: 13° 1'N

  • VARIETY: Catuaí & Caturra

  • PROCESS: Fully washed

The Story

Five years into our project in Jinotega, we are very excited about our results from working together with the Valle family. 

Just nine years ago, Joel and Javier were sitting in a rainy parking lot of their favorite hang out spot in Portland, OR. Joel was listening to Javier give detailed instructions to his brother who was managing their farm in Jinotega. They could have never imagined the working relationship that the future held: this year we shipped exactly 255 bags to roast at Panther Coffee. 

The construction of several large-scale shaded drying beds have slowed the drying process substantially; producing a soft, sweet profile with a very clean finish. These beds, combined with nearly perfect weather, have produced coffee cherries with outstanding ripeness, lending a vivid sparkly fresh fruit character in the cup. We are happy and proud to present this appropriately named lot from Finca La Amistad. 

Other Single Origins and Blends 



TASTING NOTES: Nectarine, peach watermelon, guarapo bright and very sweet

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