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Finca La Palma

  • NOTES: Clementine, papaya, strawberry, silky, juicy, and sweet

  • PRODUCER: Omaira Oino Aquino 

  • ORIGIN: Inza de Inza 

  • DEPARTMENT: Cauca 

  • ALTITUDE: 1850 M.A.S.L. 

  • LATITUDE: 2° 55'N

  • VARIETY: Castillo

  • PROCESS: Washed 

The Story

Finca La Palma is a very small family coffee farm of one and a half hectares in the town of Inza, Colombia. Inza is located in a valley in the department of Cauca and it borders the department of Huila to the east. Coffee has long been a major source of income in this remote mountainous area and nearly all of the coffee produced here comes from small family farms.


Mother Omaira Oino Aquino is originally from Bolivia. She has produced coffee for 25 years and credits this work with the financial success of her family. The farm is beautifully planted with ornamental plants and flowers as well as citrus, vegetables, trees and Castillo coffee as cash crops. This coffee was processed in Colombia’s traditional washed method though Omaira chose to skip the process’ initial stage of underwater fermentation. This lot is very small- only two 70kg bags- and very delicious. We bought this coffee at auction in Cauca where it was awarded fifth place.


This coffee is nuanced, bright and clean with great sweetness and clarity. Please enjoy Omaira’s Finca La Palma!

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