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Finca Las Alasitas

  • NOTES: Raspberry candy orange, pear round, sweet

  • PRODUCER: Pedro and Daniela Rodriguez


  • ORIGIN: Colonia Bolinda

  • DEPARTMENT: Los Yungas


  • ALTITUDE: 1600 - 1650 M.A.S.L. 

  • LATITUDE: 15° 83’S

  • VARIETY: Java

  • PROCESS: Natural 

The Story

Finca Las Alasitas is the third and largest of Pedro and Daniela Rodriguez’ twelve farms, the ‘Fincas Los Rodriguez’. The name, ‘Alasitas’ comes from the local Aymara language and means, ‘buy me’. It was planted with java, red caturra and geisha varieties and 2017 was the first harvest for the farm. Unique varieties of coffee are planted separately in perfectly spaced rows around many rolling hills. Looking down from the top of the farm, these rows look like fingerprints.


Alasitas is a model farm and informs and educates many local coffee producers. It is located on the main road which these producers take to bring their coffee cherry to the Rodriguez’ Agricafe wet mill in nearby Caranavi. Colonia Bolinda‘s many local coffee producers have taken notice, stopping to tour the farm and ask questions. This has been a great success for Pedro and Daniela as practices which increase quality and sustainability are being adopted by producers whose farms are just as capable of producing world class coffee as Alasitas. With each harvest, Bolivia gains recognition and respect as a producer of exciting and unique coffees.


This lot is a java variety selection and is processed in the natural method. It has a vivd and striking aroma, great sweetness and wild favors.

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