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Gorilla Summit

  • Strawberry lemonade golden raisin, graham cracker punchy and sweet 

  • PRODUCER: Various Smallholders 


  • ORIGIN: Rugyeyo, Mabare 

  • DISTRICT: Kanungu


  • ALTITUDE: 2200 M.A.S.L. 


  • LATITUDE: 0° 22'S 

  • VARIETY: SL-28

  • PROCESS: Natural 

The Story

The village of Rugyeyo is located in the mountains of Kanungu southwestern Uganda, home of the endangered mountain gorillas. Coffee is grown in small plots alongside food crops by many smallholder farmers here. The rich volcanic soil and ample water supply make this a near ideal location to grow coffee. Arabica has only grown here for fifty years and has traditionally been sold at very low prices to middlemen.


Gorilla Summit was founded by Gerald Mbabazi in 2012 with the intention of improving quality so that farmers can get more money. Gorilla summit has been able to provide access to healthcare, education, solar and clean water to many farmers.


The prized Kenyan variety of coffee, SL-28 is grown in rich volcanic soil at high elevations ranging from 1600-2200 MASL. Farmers bring freshly picked coffee cherries to the Gorilla Summit wet mill where the work of processing and drying is done with precision.


This coffee is dry processed in the natural method. It is very sweet with a dense body and prominent notes of wild purple fruit and intense sweetness. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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