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January 25, 2023

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Must have coffee & drinks of 2023!

We are grateful for the year we've had and excited to showcase notable additions to our Coffee and drink menus in 2023. We're sure these offerings will be a delight for you to try and share. 


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Luiz Paulo is a multi-generational coffee producer from Carmo de Minas, Brasil. His work alongside his team and family brought well-de-served respect and acclaim to the small farms around Carmo de Minas.
Gesha is an heirloom Ethiopian variety that produces stunning flavor profiles. In Carmo's unique microclimate the fruit matures faster than in its native Ethiopia. Anaerobic natural processing has ripe coffee cherries fermented free of oxygen then dried on raised beds. Enjoy this Gesha Special Reserve. 

Available on espresso at all Panther Coffee locations! 
til end of February*


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TASTING NOTES: Strawberry lemonade guava, lychee, cherry bright, sweet and silky

ORIGIN: Verda El Carmen, Sotará

PRODUCER: Astrid Tatiana Dorado Pajoy

VARIETY: Castillo



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CAFE BOMBON: Double shot of espresso served withcondensed milk 

MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE: Cocoa powder infused with cinnamon in a complex hot chocolate 


Try natural wines from our new selection, available at all retail locations.
We partnered with our long-time friends at Cerda, Llanos y Cia to offer "
Love Red", "Love Rose", and "Love White" from Broc Cellar.
Also "
Seeds and Skins Orange Wine" and "Happy Camper Wild Cider" from Old Westminster.

pink sun Natural wine cans image with shadow.png

Tasting notes:

Fresh watermelon, bright acidity, strawberry

Tasting notes:

Golden fruit, white flower, pleasant salinity

 Tasting notes:

Ripe wild berries on the nose, rhubarb, cut herb and bramble on the palate

Tasting notes:

Nectarine, lemon oil, dried leaves

Tasting notes:

Peach, lime, marshmallow


sage and whiet tea image.png
River logo.png

"An unpretentious project to source and share delicious infusions."

Sage & White Tea will be joining the River tea offerings at all Panther Coffee locations!
Tasting notes: Floral, balanced and fragrant 


A blend of Sage from Albania and Colombian White tea from the Andes. The fresh peppering sage herbs add a cooling touch to this blend infusion.

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