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BOLIVIA, South America

  • TASTING NOTES: Custard, caramel milk chocolate, lychee deep, sweet and round

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PRODUCER: Pedro and Daniela Rodriguez 

ORIGIN: Caranavi 



LATITUDE: 15° 85'S

VARIETY: Caturra



La Llama is a coffee farm in Caranavi, Bolivia operated by father Pedro and daughter Daniela Rodriguez. The Rodriguez family has worked in coffee in Bolivia for over 25 years. They have farms, work extensively with local farmers and also export coffee. La Llama produces coffee and also acts as a model farm. The Rodriguez' believe that specialty coffee production holds great value for Boliva. Local producers come here to see how planning and modern farming techniques can impact an established coffee farm.

When the family first visited the farm they were greeted by a Llama and the farm was renamed. The Rodriguez' began updating the farm by planting many unique varieties of coffee alongside the existing coffee trees. The farm is located at very high elevation in the rolling mountainous hills outside of La Paz.

This is our seventh year working with the Rodriguez family. Their coffees have always found a wide appeal among our customers; they are sweet, juicy and elegant. The care taken at the farm is evident when enjoying a cup of this special coffee. This lot is a washed Caturra lot selection. It has a dynamic yet balanced profile with notes of custard, caramel and lychee. Please enjoy La Llama!

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