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BRASIL,South America

  • TASTING NOTES: Peach, hibiscus, plum, brown sugar, almond, cedar, very sweet, creamy, and perfumey



PRODUCER: Luiz Paulo Pereira

COMMUNITY: Carmo de Minas

STATE: Minas Gerais

ALTITUDE: 1300 M.A.S.L. 

LATITUDE: 22° 12'S


PROCESS: Anaerobic Natural


Luiz Paulo is a multi-generational coffee farmer and exporter from Carmo de Minas, Brasil.  His work in exporting alongside fellow CarmoCoffees co-founder and cousin Jacques Carneiro Pereira has brought well deserved respect and acclaim to the small family farms and the coffees coming from the micro-region around Carmo de Minas.  Luiz has always been focused on improving quality and producing microlot quality coffee in a country with a reputation for producing large, lower quality lots of commodity coffee.

This special reserve microlot is a Gesha varietal selection processed in the anaerobic natural method.  Gesha is an heirloom Ethiopian variety known to produce stunning flavor profiles not commonly found in coffee; typically intense, citric, and floral. Carmo’s unique microclimate means that fruit matures more quickly than it would in its native Ethiopia. This rapid maturation yields a uniquely delicious Gesha profile. This profile is complemented by the processing method which adds a little wildness and an otherwise elegant profile. Anaerobic natural processing has freshly picked ripe coffee cherries fermented free of oxygen in barrels for up to 72 hours before being dried on raised beds in the more traditional natural processing method.

Please enjoy this uniquely delicious coffee from our friend, Luiz Paulo Pereira!

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