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July 17, 2022

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drinks to keep you cool this summer!

     As the sun feels a little brighter and mangoes fall from every street corner alongside the other tropical fruit South Florida has to offer, it is no better time to say “greetings” to Summer 2022. Our amazing group of retail managers work on drinks every season that captures its characteristics while being absolutely delicious. The first “official” day of Summer is June 21st but as locals know, the heat is on almost year-round, meaning we definitely need a refresher these months to come. 

    Our first signature beverage is made with
River’s Hibiscus loose-leaf tea, a flavor profile that includes tangy and fruitful notes, blended with Guava nectar– a pair that compliments each other so well. 

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     Our second signature drink highlights the “pick me up” needed during these hot summer days. Crafted with a melodious combination of sweet lemonade topped with a shot of espresso and mint syrup. Visit your local Panther Coffee location to enjoy these drinks! 

     Alongside our new drinks, we have 2 new single-origin coffee offerings, Finca Agroambiental from Colombia & Ichamama from Kenya. 

     Finca Agroambiental has been growing coffee under the leadership of Astrid Dorado, a third generation coffee producer, since 2004. She leads the Association of Women Agricultural Producers of Sotara, which is a part of a larger national association of women producers. Astrid's association hopes to empower women to find successful careers in specialty coffee production and works in education, marketing and unionizing.

     Astrid was asked what her life was like as a coffee producer in the department of Cauca. "Well, I wake up, I take care of my kids, I take care of my husband, I take care of the house, I take care of the animals, then I take care of the coffee." Panther Coffee green coffee buyer Joel Pollock loved the sentiment and four years later, we continue to love the coffee.


     Panther Coffee has worked with Astrid since 2018 and this year’s harvest is as delicious as ever! With its intense sweetness, Agroambiental offers a dynamic and balanced mix of fresh fruit and rich chocolate flavors.

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2022 - Ichamama retail coffee bag .png

     And located on the southeastern slopes of the Aberdares mountain ranges, Nyeri County is home to our newly added coffee, Ichamama. Ichamama is a washed processed coffee farmed by the Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society. Its name comes from one of their coffee mills or ‘factory’ as they’re called in Kenya. The Ichamama wet mill is picked by over 900 smallholder farmers and ready for processing! The art of production comes from a wash process method, where each coffee cherry is de-pulped and any other mucilage is removed through fermentation and washing. The coffee is then dried on raised beds.

     Ichamama does not shy away with its floral notes like jasmine upfront and overall sweetness notes of honey and nectarine. Its medium body pairs well with a very light linger as it is very crisp. We could not ask for a better Kenyan coffee that embodies the vividness and complexity of its flavor profile.

     Visit any
local Panther Coffee or shop online to buy these fantastic single origins.

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