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  • NOTES: Blackcurrant, persimmon, grapefruit, jasmine nectar, intense, snappy, and swee

  • PRODUCER: Kibirigwi Cooperative Society


  • COUNTY: Nyeri

  • ALTITUDE: 1600 M.A.S.L. 

  • LATITUDE: .51° S

  • VARIETY: SL28, SL34 Ruiru 11 & Batian

  • PROCESS: Washed 

The Story

This delicious coffee comes from various smallholder farmers growing coffee on the slopes of Mount Kenya in Ngugu-ini, Kenya. These farmers are partners with the Ngugu-ini wet mill, or ‘factory’ as they are referred to in Kenya. This factory was established in 1958 and is one of nine factories under the Kibirigwi Cooperative Society. The Ngugu-ini factory processes farmers’ coffee from cherries to exportable green coffee and also offers training and education in coffee growing practices to these farmers. Each day during harvest, smallholder farmers bring their freshly picked coffee cherries to Ngugu-ini factory. Upon arrival they are sorted and graded and then begin processing.

This lot of coffee is composed of SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11 and Batian varieties processed in the fully washed method. Following sorting and grading, coffee cherries are immediately depulped and the inner coffee seeds are washed underwater for about 24 hours. After washing, the coffee is dried on shaded raised beds for up to 20 days at which point it is ready for export and roasting.

We are thrilled to share with you Kenya Ngugu-ini. This is a shining example of a great Kenyan coffee. It has a heavy mouthfeel, deep sweetness, vibrant citric adicity and prominent floral notes. From the slopes of Mount Kenya, please enjoy Ngu-guini!