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BRASIL,South America

  • TASTING NOTES: Chocolate fudge, lychee tootsie roll, rainier cherry rich, sweet and creamy



PRODUCER:  Ivan Faria Santiago, Geraldo Cornelio, and Marino Pavia

ORIGIN: Pedralva

ALTITUDE: 1450 M.A.S.L. 

LATITUDE: 22° 25'S

VARIETY: Yellow Bourbon

PROCESS: Pulped Natural


We are pleased to share this delicious offering from our longtime producing partners in Brasil, Carmo Coffees. For eighteen years, founders Jacques Carneiro and Luiz Paulo have been at the forefront of Brasil’s emerging specialty coffee movement. As coffee farmers they saw the potential for their microregion around Carmo de Minas to produce exceptional coffees deserving of international attention. At their first Cup of Excellence national coffee competition in 2005 they won first, second and third place. This affirmed their belief that Carmo could produce world class coffees and attract buyers.

As a post harvest processing center Benefício Pedra Branca is a foundational part of Carmo Coffees quality control in the microregion of Pedralva. Here coffees from neighboring farms are processed and evaluated, experiments in processing are performed and new processes are developed.

This particular lot is a pulped natural yellow Bourbon selection. It is composed of microlots from three farms in Pedralva- Fazenda Dois Irmãos, Sitio São Gabriel and Sitio Rocinha. This lot is very sweet and round with a mild but distinct acidity and a soft and sugary finish. We love it’s balanced flavor profile; harmonious notes of white fruit, caramel and chocolate come together to create a comforting and rich cup of coffee. Please enjoy from our friends at Carmo Coffees Benefício Pedra Branca!

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