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Suke Quto

  • NOTES: Lemon, peach orange zest, guava silky, juicy and floral 

  • PRODUCER: Various Smallholders 

  • ORIGIN: Guji 

  • ZONE: Oromia

  • ALTITUDE: 2200 M.A.S.L. 

  • LATITUDE: 5° 40'N 

  • VARIETY: Indigenous Varieties 

  • PROCESS: Washed 

The Story

Suke Quto is a coffee farm, washing station and drying station in the Odo Shakisso district of Ethiopia. Suke Quto was founded by Tesfaye Bekele. Tesfaye was raised in a coffee producing family and has always been close to coffee. Prior to founding Suke Quto, he worked for the govern­ment leading a reforestation and sustainability project in his district. Tesfaye's goal is that coffee production is done in an environmentally sustainable way and that it provides a liveable income for producers. Suke Quto maintains a nursery which provides surrounding farmers with coffee seedlings. It also acts as a model farm giving local coffee farmers insight into specialty coffee production.


This lot of coffee was grown on and around the Suke Quto farm. It was processed using the washed method and dried on raised beds. This coffee is silky, bright and floral. We love its bright notes of orange zest and peach. Suke Quto has an assertive citric acidity, delicate floral notes and a clean lingering finish. Please enjoy this delicious coffee!