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VacOne's Mission: Innovating from the Origin.

Inspired by Latin America's rich coffee heritage, we are using our coffee expertise to develop innovative ways of brewing better coffee at home.

We want to create more opportunity at the origin, so we are giving back by

investing in education in coffee growing regions from Colombia, Guatemala and across LATAM.

VacOne uses air to brew coffee with less bitterness and acidity. We call this technology VacTec®.


VacTec® accelerates extraction time to deliver cold brew in only 4 minutes.


Easy, high-quality brewing at home now possible with VacTec®.

VacOne with VacTec®

• Coffee’s bloom contains CO2 which produces undesired flavors in the finished cup: bitter, acidic, astringent.

VacTec® creates 7psi vacuum pressure that separates the bloom from the finished cup, reducing bitterness and acidity.

• Patent pending technology.

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